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Optimizing Network Performance and Cloud Interconnection at the Edge of the Internet

According to Rightscale, 85 percent of enterprises now have a multi-cloud strategy. But not all enterprises are thriving in the cloud. For new cloud adopters, the most cited challenge is security (32 percent), while for mature [...]

Connectivity is Key for the European Edge

Competition is heating up in the data center market, with so many global providers now forming new strategic partnerships to differentiate their services. [...]

There’s No Substitute for Strong Connectivity

What do cloud, content and Internet of Things (IoT) services have in common? It’s simple. All three require strong connectivity to operate efficiently. [...]

Struggling With Internet Traffic and Congestion? Look to the Edge of the Network

Network congestion has become a top concern for network operators, telcos, service providers and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). According to Cisco, the problem is only going to get worse over the next three years, as the [...]

New Miami Data Center to Offer Interconnections to South and Latin America

The Miami, Florida region is one of the densest fiber routes in the U.S., and is now a main interconnection point for traffic exchange with South America. [...]

Increased Cloud Adoption and the Demand for Connectivity at the Edge

Cloud adoption is significantly increasing among enterprises, as Cisco predicts cloud traffic will grow almost four-fold by 2020. [...]

Collaborating to Create a More Agile Network Architecture

Telecommunications providers are challenged to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver content, connectivity and data-intensive services to customers. Yet, many lack the necessary infrastructure to keep up with heavy demands. [...]

Connecting to San Diego Just Got Easier

By Don MacNeil, CTO, EdgeConneX Attention, West Coast businesses, direct, low latency connections are now available to and from San Diego. EdgeConneX®, a global data center solutions leader at the edge of the network, has partnered [...]

EdgeConneX® Portland Edge Data Center® Earns OIX-2 Certification

EdgeConneX® announced this week that its Portland Edge Data Center® (EDC) has been awarded Open-IX OIX-2 certification. OIX-2 certification confirms that Portland EDC’s infrastructure reduces complexities and enables the implementation of business-critical environments, content platforms and [...]

Extending the Internet’s Reach Through a New Edge of the Network

By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu Data Center POST recently spoke with Phill Lawson-Shanks, EdgeConneX®’s Chief Architect and Vice President of Innovation. EdgeConneX is a global provider of data center solutions at the Edge of the network. [...]

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