Portland’s reputation as a major data center market has been gathering momentum for more than a decade. Large enterprises like NetApp and Adobe have dedicated facilities in Portland, and Oregon has continued to attract major hyperscale providers such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon. Additionally, submarine cables have been landing in Oregon for a long time. This provides Portland-based data centers and their customers with low latency access to Asia and beyond, and is prompting carriers to build Points of Presence (PoPs) in these facilities.

Just recently, Tata Communications established a Point of Presence (PoP) at the EdgeConneX® Portland Edge Data Center® (EDC). Providing purpose-built, power dense Edge Data Center solutions that enable the fastest delivery of data to end-users.  EdgeConneX has created a new Edge of the Internet by designing and deploying facilities that are strategically positioned nearest to network provider aggregation points, ensuring the lowest latency data delivery with improved security and quality of service. The PoP at the EdgeConneX Portland EDC will provide interconnection to Tata Communications’ carrier-grade IP transit service. The initial deployment of Tata Communications’ IP transit service in the Portland EDC is complete, and the companies anticipate additional deployments across other EdgeConneX EDCs in the near future.

Tata Communications’ global network includes one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks and a Tier-1 IP network with connectivity to more than 240 countries and territories across 400 PoPs, as well as nearly one million square-feet of data center and colocation space worldwide. The company’s IP transit service is designed specifically for companies seeking to grow internationally and connect global workforces.

“Tata Communications empowers companies to grow their businesses globally while expanding its reach to the edge, ensuring a secure and improved connectivity experience for their customers and employees,” stated Gaurav Anand, Vice President, Alliances and Strategic Partnerships, Tata Communications.  “We view EdgeConneX as a leader in this space and we are excited to move forward with them, designating their Edge Data Centers as our primary choice for IP transit deployment at the edge.”

Housing a robust Internet ecosystem that offers native connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect, as well as cloud onramps to other major cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, the EdgeConneX Portland EDC’s  cloud ecosystem also provides EdgeConneX customers with the latest services for digital infrastructure monitoring and performance measurement, and managed services solutions.

“The deployment of an interconnection PoP for Tata Communications’ IP transit service in the Portland EDC provides customers with enhanced connectivity options locally, regionally and internationally,” commented Brian Bellis, Vice President, Global Network and Ecosystem Development, EdgeConneX.  “By connecting directly, customers gain greater control of their networks through seamless connections and enhanced visibility, resulting in optimal network performance.”

To learn more about EdgeConneX visit edgeconnex.com.

For more information about Tata Communications, visit www.tatacommunications.com.