IX-Denver has expanded its Denver area neutral internet exchange to EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Center Campus, giving EdgeConneX its fourth site in the market and adding improved access, redundancy and resiliency for regional network operators.

EdgeConneX recently announced the expansion of its Edge Campus to 115,000 square feet, and the partnership improves content access and internet connectivity quality for the company’s customers with access to 10 Gig ports on IX-Denver’s protected switching fabric. The newly expanded Denver Edge Campus, which was built from the ground up in less than six months, also supports high-capacity deployments of up to 30kW per rack.

IX-Denver is a nonprofit interconnection platform operated by IX-West, with a mandate to foster community and member-driven interconnection. It launched in June 2015, and has quickly become Colorado’s largest carrier and facility-neutral interconnection platform, connecting more than 30 ASNs and networks. FORETHOUGHT.net, which provides independent cloud, internet, hosted PBX and phone service in both metro Denver and rural Colorado supported IX-Denver with the switch and direct connectivity between its Champa Street location and EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Center Campus, located in Denver technology center.

By bringing together the performance benefits of EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Center solutions, the variety of connectivity options provided by IX-Denver’s interconnection platform, and the local direct networking capabilities of FORETHOUGHT.net, the partnership significantly increases the range of network infrastructure solutions available to customers in the greater Denver market.

The metropolitan Denver area is the 19th largest market in the U.S., at 2.9 million as of 2017, and is growing rapidly. The expansion of IX-Denver to EdgeConneX’s Edge Campus provides greater interconnectivity options, and should ultimately improve internet service quality for companies throughout the region.