Atlanta, a city originally founded at the end of a railroad line and named “Terminus,” meaning “end of the line,” has a history of living on the edge. Today though, this sentiment means something entirely different to the city of Atlanta.

As Atlanta’s population and infrastructure have grown, the demands for modern day necessities like Internet connectivity and services like streaming have risen. Now, Atlanta is reinventing its reputation for being on the edge through more contemporary means.

EdgeConneX®, a company specializing in global data solutions at the edge of the network, announced on August 21, 2018, the creation of an Edge Data Center® (EDC) campus in Atlanta, Georgia, to meet the accelerated demand. This EDC, called ATL02, will bring 15MW of additional critical power to the Edge Campus, which will then total 21MW at full capacity.

EdgeConneX understands the issues facing today’s digital content providers and effectively utilizes edge network technology to provide targeted solutions, focusing on critical locations and moving the most valuable content closer to end users. Expectations of end users, even those who are distant from the Core, are nevertheless high when it comes to the speed and reliability of their service.

Unlike core networks, edge networks rely on proximity to end users and their points of access, driving the fastest physical delivery of content. This helps deliver optimal performance, availability, security, and economics for user’s services.

With diverse networking options available to customers, including private connectivity solutions to leading cloud service providers, the EdgeConneX data center campus in Atlanta is ideally suited to support requirements for both service providers and enterprises. Its expanded capacity and service provider ecosystem will allow local enterprises private network access to leading cloud solution providers. In tandem with a forthcoming deployment by Megaport, a leading Cloud on-ramp provider, enterprises will also have the network flexibility and choice to securely access all the leading cloud service providers in Atlanta.

EdgeConneX proves that the key to success is keeping ahead of the curve. With these technologies gaining momentum, the company continues to move the Internet to where it is most needed. With this most recent step of expanding their Edge facilities and developing them into regional data center campus environments in markets like Atlanta, EdgeConneX successfully demonstrates the rapid momentum of the Edge. These initiatives give customers the access they want at the speed they expect, helping providers and other enterprises breed loyalty and deliver customer experiences that fully monetize the massive increase in Internet traffic.