As we approach the infra/STRUCTURE 2023 Summit, scheduled for October 4-5, 2023, in Toronto, anticipation builds for this exclusive industry event. Aimed at reshaping our perspective on the Internet infrastructure ecosystem, the summit will serve as a nexus for thought leaders and trailblazers. A standout participant is EdgeConneX, renowned for their sustainable data center solutions on a global scale. Their involvement promises to enrich discussions and offer fresh insights. Continue reading to learn more about the contributions from EdgeConneX at infra/STRUCTURE 2023.

About EdgeConneX

EdgeConneX provides a full range of sustainable data center solutions worldwide. We work closely with our customers to offer choices in location, scale, and type of facility, from Hyperlocal to Hyperscale. EdgeConneX is a global leader in anytime, anywhere, and any scale data center services for a diverse portfolio of industries, including Content, Cloud, Networks, Gaming, Automotive, SaaS, IoT, HPC, Security, and more. With a mission predicated on taking care of our customers, our people, and our planet, EdgeConneX strives to Empower Your Edge.

Involvement Details

At infra/STRUCTURE 2023, EdgeConneX champions environmental values as the Lead ESG Sustainability Sponsor. They also enhance their visibility as the Lanyard Sponsor. Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, will address the pressing topic, “Has Self-Build Killed Colocation?”, examining the evolving dynamics between hyperscale self-builds and data centre strategies.

Industries Served

From the fast-paced world of Gaming and the expansive realm of Cloud services to the intricate networks of IoT and the robust demands of HPC, EdgeConneX caters to a vast array of industries.

Regional Focus

EdgeConneX operates with a global scope, offering solutions that cater to needs across various regions and sectors worldwide.

Leadership Presence

EdgeConneX will be represented by Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, at infra/STRUCTURE 2023.

Event Goals

At infra/STRUCTURE 2023, EdgeConneX is set to be more than just another name on the list. The company is geared towards fostering significant industry relationships, offering their unique insights, and joining the collective dialogue on the future trajectory of Internet infrastructure.

Meeting Opportunities

Open to collaborations and discussions, EdgeConneX invites industry peers and potential partners to connect at

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