In recent years, the Internet has seen exponential growth in Over-the-Top content, application-run businesses, and emerging Internet of Things (IoT) devices, all of which are hypersensitive to latency. While it’s now widely accepted that low latency, high availability connectivity can only be delivered through a local data center presence, highly scalable network architecture is equally critical to enable growing businesses to take advantage of improved data response time.

Just recently, EdgeConneX®, whose Edge Data Centers® (EDCs) host bandwidth intensive and latency sensitive data closer to end-users, forged a partnership with Pilot that will enable its customers to access the company’s highly-scalable nationwide network architecture and high-quality IP services. EdgeConneX customers at EDCs in Atlanta, Denver, Miami, Minneapolis, Portland, and Santa Clara now have access to Pilot’s flexible and scalable network solutions with quick provisioning and bandwidth options up to 100 Gbps.

“We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with EdgeConneX, a company that’s driving data center innovation,” said Joe Fasone, Founder and CEO of Pilot. “Through this partnership, we’re expanding enterprise and service providers’ access to options for connectivity services, such as IP Transit, Ethernet Transport and Cloud Connectivity.  Our combined efforts ensure the most reliable delivery of data to businesses across North America.”

Founded in 2014, Pilot’s highly scalable network architecture provides reliable connectivity services with options designed to suit the requirements of customers of all sizes. Through relationships with leading data center partners such as EdgeConneX, Pilot provides businesses with better Internet using the latest innovations in network technology. To ensure a superior end user experience, the company specializes in intuitively designed software and offers customer-centric support.

“At EdgeConneX, we believe it’s important to forge strategic partnerships with key industry players throughout the telecommunications community in order to provide our customers with the highest quality services available,” commented Brian Bellis, VP of Global Network and Ecosystem Development, EdgeConneX.  “Pilot is dedicated to providing customers with reliable connectivity solutions that are simple, cost-effective and intuitive, making it an excellent partner to serve current and future Edge Data Center tenants.”

Ensuring the lowest latency data delivery with improved security and quality of service, EdgeConneX has created a new Edge of the Internet by designing and deploying facilities that are strategically positioned nearest to network provider aggregation points.

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