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Data Center POST leverages original content submitted by industry professionals to share the most thought-provoking and cutting-edge ideas and solutions with industry peers and professionals.   We believe in going straight to the source by posting contributions directly from people like you: data center industry experts. We provide you a vehicle for turning press releases, case studies and white papers into original, immediately accessible posts that readers can share with their community of interested executives.

Possible contributors and topics may include:
  • Information about the latest software and technology affecting data centers
  • Views and opinions from data center CEOs and CIOs, experts, and executives
  • Insights on issues related to data centers, technology, future visions
  • Perspectives from Data Center and Internet Engineers related to what happens in data centers
  • Technology researchers, insights and opinions from Analysts and industry insiders

Get the recognition your company deserves by posting to Data Center POST. Please do not send press releases, rather, add perspective to press releases by explaining why the news is important and how it affects the industry.

Contribution requirements are as follows:
  • Contributors must be subscribed to Data Center POST
  • Articles must be data center-related, hosting, cloud related (connectivity to / from data centers is acceptable as well as vendor technologies and solutions).
  • Contributions must be educational; pieces featuring excessive self-promotion and marketing speak will not be accepted and will be sent back to the contributor for modification before they can be posted.
  • Posts must be 300 words minimum and include the contributor’s name / title / short bio / photo (to include with the post – does not have to be of the individual and should not be a logo). Please also include both the contributor’s Twitter handle as well as the company’s handle.
  • 1 additional photo permitted, other than the contributor’s photo (no logos will be posted); must be high-resolution in any format.
  • Videos are acceptable and encouraged, please include the link to YouTube / Vimeo, etc.
  • Sound grammar and paragraph structure are a must (DCP Editors may require submitters to edit if the grammar standards are not met).  Data Center POST does offer editing and content drafting services – please contact to learn more about these services.  
  • While Data Center POST reaches a global audience, we kindly request that content submitted for publication reflects American English usage.
  • Links are OK –  3 maximum.
  • Please note that contributors may publish a piece with us once per month per site at no charge (one per month for Data Center POST and one per month for CloudPOST).



Posts are the heartbeat of Data Center POST. Simply put, a post is an original chunk of information that IT and data center managers use to enrich their own knowledge base – and keep up with today’s demanding data center. So, if you have a  technology or solution that our readers should know about, we want to know.

A post is not a syndicated press release. We get tons of these in our inbox. However, behind every great press release is a great story or POST! Turn your press releases into original stories that data center and IT managers want to hear. Tell us as best as you can, from a vendor-neutral standpoint, how the solution mentioned in the press release contributes to the overall effectiveness of today’s data center.

A post is not a case study. Same as above. We get tons of those as well. Turn your case study into an original post that our readers can read without hearing a sales pitch.

A post is not a whitepaper. Same as above. Turn your whitepaper into an original post that our readers can read without getting unnecessarily technical. Our readers aren’t beginners, but they’re not here every day to read an encyclopedia either!


We’re looking for experts in the data center industry who are subscribers to Data Center POST. Are you a vendor that caters to data center and IT managers, CEOs, CIOs, product managers, engineers, technology researchers, etc? Do you have content that will enrich the data center community? How is your company helping to shape the data center landscape?  What is your company doing that deserves recognition?


Posting your content on Data Center POST gives you access to a global database of data center/senior IT managers and business executives. Your information will be read by thousands of IT and data center managers and communications infrastructure professionals weekly. But we don’t stop there – we aggressively push your information to our social friends on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn while also submitting content to hundreds of directories.


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