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From the disaster site to the command center

An energy saving, credit card-size computing platform powers the Mobyl Data Center portable server – Daniel Gallic, COO at Arnouse Digital Devices Corp, says: From disaster sites to military applications, the need has arisen for portable, [...]


Some ideas for enabling new technologies and protecting investments Tobias Muenzer, R&M, says: Tablets, video, smartphones, network convergence and the growing realization that there are even more advanced technologies on the way are driving broadband and [...]

Edge Data Centers – Why This Title Should Never Be Used Lightly

– Laurie Samper, Technical Writer, iMiller Public Relations, says: What’s in a name?  For edge data centers, it is the difference between being considered part of the edge or just another data center in a tier-2 [...]

IPv6: Adapt or Perish

– Mike Leber, Founder and CEO, Hurricane Electric, says: Back in the dawn of the Internet, even the most progressive experts couldn’t have predicted how massive it would truly become.  Today, it’s hard to imagine where [...]

ARM’s battle for the datacentre: The contenders

  – Nick Heath, chief reporter for TechRepublic UK, says: How will the first generation of enterprise-ready ARM servers stack up against traditional datacentre boxes? As the first enterprise-ready, ARM-based servers get nearer to release more [...]

The role of High Density in High Performance Computing

  – Matthew Larbey, Product Strategy Director at VIRTUS, says: High Performance Computing, once seen as the reserve of the mega-corporation, is today being viewed by businesses as a way of countering the increasing divide between shrinking IT [...]

Environmental Consulting Firm Turns to MPLS and WAN Optimization to Improve its IT Environment

             Over the last decade, environmental consulting firm Dudek has more than doubled its number of employees and number of remote offices. The growth has been great for the business, but created [...]

How to Avoid One of the Biggest Silent Killers of SAN Performance

San Performance –  Brian Morin, Senior VP, Global Marketing, Condusiv Technologies, says: Have you ever felt like your SAN isn’t performing like it did “out of the box” and that performance has somehow degraded over time? Perhaps [...]

Brocade Extends HyperEdge Switching Fabric with ICX 7250

– Sean Michael Kerner, a senior editor at eWeek and contributor to TechWeek, says: HyperEdge Switching Fabric Brocade has developed a new ICX 7250 switch as well as a new switch port extender. The new hardware releases are being [...]

Meet the Press at International Telecoms Week 2015

– Joanna Styczen, Technical Writing Director, iMiller Public Relations, says: For the first time in its history, International Telecoms Week (ITW 2015), one of the largest telecom events in the world, is hosting a Press Room [...]

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