Ilissa Miller, CEO, iMiller Public Relations, says:

EdgeConneX® is the “New Edge” of the Internet.  In 2014, the company quietly and steadfastly began to build facilities throughout the United States capable of housing the “New Edge” of the Internet.   EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Centers® are strategically located to support the demands of everyday end-users of the Internet with an emphasis on ensuring high- bandwidth applications such as streaming video are accessible and distributed more effectively.

In January 2015, EdgeConneX became the fastest-growing data center provider in the U.S. by market.

In 2014, the company expanded its data centers into 22 unique markets, making it the fastest-growing data center provider in the U.S. by market.  The company’s Tier III-rated data centers host over 50% of the eyeballs and nearly 70% of the nation’s content – ensuring effective, efficient and timely delivery of data to viewers.  A key to its success is the ability to provide costs savings via its data centers, based on strategic selection of location and proximity to content viewers.

Through the selection of its tactical colocation centers, EdgeConneX reduces the need for immense amounts of long-haul bandwidth.  This not only reduces costs to host and deliver content, but also provides a faster way to deliver content, ensuring end-user satisfaction.

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