Data Center Temperature

Liquid Technology Cools Servers While Simultaneously Heating Water

By Herb Zien CEO of LiquidCool Solutions [...]

Five Tips for Keeping Your Data Center Cool and Energy Bill Low This Summer

By Erich Hamilton, Director of Engineering, DAMAC While many people welcome summer’s warmer weather and sunny days, for data center operators it is often some of the most trying and expensive months of the year. [...]

Global Telecommunications Firm Selects Compu Dynamics to Provide Multi-Site Data Center Preventative Maintenance Services

By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu Compu Dynamics has been selected by a global telecommunications company to provide electrical and mechanical maintenance for multiple mission-critical data centers across the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Supporting in excess of [...]

Hot Spots and Meat Lockers: Understanding the Challenges of Cooling a Data Center

Challenges of Cooling a Data Center If you’ve ever walked into a data center, you’ve probably noticed that the air feels significantly cooler than it does outside the server area. Depending on where you’re coming from, [...]

How to Improve Reliability and Reduce Costs This Winter with Humidification System Inspections

  Humidification System Inspections – Jim Lundrigan, Vice President of Operations, Electronic Environments Corporation, says: Winter is almost here and considering the drier climate it brings, it is important to make environmental modifications in our data [...]

AUDIT-BUDDY Provides Quick, Easy and Comprehensive Data Center Thermal Diagnostics

– Greg Dumas, Construction Operations Manager, Electronic Environments Corporation, says: For nearly three decades, Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) has been known for its unique approach to servicing the complete data center lifecycle, which encompasses utilizing a [...]

Disaster Recovery: Choosing The Right Fire Suppression System For Your Data Center

Fire Suppression – Mariel Norton, spokesperson for GEIST, says: With fires posing one of the biggest threats to data centers, it’s imperative that these types of facilities employ an effective fire suppression strategy to limit the extent [...]

Water Treatment Technology the Bridge between Data Centers and ‘Going Green’

– Scott Charter, International Business Development, Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company, says: The phrase “going green” is no longer just reserved for cars, colleges and homes. It has found a major home across all industries—especially in the data [...]

Thermal Management: Realizing Efficiency without Compromising Availability

– Mark Silnes, Marketing Manager-Cooling, Emerson Network Power, Liebert Services, says: Today’s data center managers must respond to the constant state of change in the IT industry and look at strategies for optimizing a data center [...]

Boosting Sustainability with Data Center Water Treatment Technology

– Ilissa Miller, CEO, iMiller Public Relations, says: From major pieces of legislature to ad hoc environmental groups, it seems just about every industry is casting an eye towards the sustainability movement—figuring out a way to keep [...]

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