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Water Treatment Technology

– Scott Charter, International Business Development, Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company, says:

The phrase “going green” is no longer just reserved for cars, colleges and homes. It has found a major home across all industries—especially in the data center space.

When it comes to the data center, going green starts and ends with cooling towers, especially since more than 40 percent of a data center’s energy is used in its cooling equipment.  Bringing energy efficiency practices to the data center can be as simple as investing in proper water treatment technology designed to maximize the efficiency of data centers’ HVAC systems.  After all, the right equipment and technology can help data centers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent, according to a recent study by Stanford University.

The fact is that a typical 15-megawatt data center could use up to 360,000 gallons of water a day to keep servers and equipment cool enough to operate effectively.  But by investing in the right technology, such as the one provided by Silver Bullet, cooling towers can run more efficiently.  Silver Bullet—capable of helping the U.S. save 10 billion gallons of water a year if installed in just one percent of commercial cooling towers—provides an innovative, commercial technology to condition cooling tower water better and faster than conventional chemical systems without the use of toxic chemicals.  Silver Bullets helps data centers:

  • Realize substantial energy savings;
  • Minimize water use;
  • Cut down on cleanup time;
  • Become eligible for rebate programs and accrue LEED credits;
  • Increase their commitment to sustainability; and
  • Say goodbye to non-efficient traditional chemical treatment methods.

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