At $145 The New Model Provides Advanced Features, Small Footprint & Extreme Value

AVTECH Software,Inc. announces the release of Room Alert 3E, the newest model in their line of temperature and environment monitors. Room Alert 3E is the smallest, most light weight and inexpensive model of Room Alert to date. At just 2 ounces and a size of 3-5/8″ L x 1-3/4″ W x 1″ H, Room Alert 3E offers special features standard on AVTECH’s top of the line models, is priced at just $145 and fits in your pocket. It includes a built-in digital temperature sensor, a digital port allowing connection of any digital sensor or a Light Tower & Relay Adapter, as well as a switch sensor channel that allows connection of any switch sensor or dry contact. Room Alert 3E is Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled although can also be powered by one of AVTECH’s 5v 1A power adapters (just $15). Room Alert 3E comes complete with a factory reset button, built-in firmware for monitoring without a PC, AVTECH’s Device ManageR application software for advanced network-wide monitoring, an SNMP MIB that allows monitoring by any SNMP enabled monitoring software, a printed User’s Guide & Reference Manual, two (2) years of Maintenance Support & Update Service (MSUS) and a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

 “When the combined features and functions are mapped against its $145 list price and small footprint,” says Michael Sigourney, AVTECH’s Sr Product Specialist, “the Room Alert 3E offers the greatest overall value in environment monitoring and an immediate return on investment (ROI) the very first time it alerts managers about a threatening disaster.”

By using Room Alert 3E with Device ManageR, users have full access to advanced features that include network-wide monitoring from anywhere world-wide via the web, unlimited alerting,automated corrective action response, secure data logging that meets regulatory requirements, one clickdata export to multiple file types, real-time graphing, customized & scheduled automatic reporting, personalized dashboard interfaces, notification via voice or GSM (satellite) modems, automatic update notifications, unlimited alert thresholds, unlimited users, monitoring of unlimited cameras, multi cameradisplays within a single window, unlimited technical support, and AVTECH’s 100% hardware replacement guarantee. 

“The overall value of Room Alert 3E extends AVTECH’s position as the leader in IT & facilities monitoring over the last twelve years,” says Sigourney. “Since 1988, we’ve developed a customer base of over 100,000 users across 106 countries. We’re proud to offer a solution that pushes the envelope for full functionality at a price anyone can afford.”

Room Alert 3E is a perfect solution for installations where a small footprint is required, there is no access to electric power, when investment funds are minimal or deployment volume is high. It is also the least cost host available to support an AVTECH Light Tower, Light Tower w/Audio or Relay Switch Sensor. AVTECH Light Towers or Relay Switch Sensors can be shared network-wide with any and all Room Alert or TemPageR monitors, as well as any and all Axis network cameras via Device ManageR. Early acceptance is very strong, especially where there is a need to monitor locations like telecom closets, remote facilities, mobile installations like ships and jets where size and weight matter, and in large quantity installations such as a college campus, warehouse, cold storage, grow farm, museum and more.

Room Alert 3E product information was published on AVTECH’s website and online store a week ago and shipping began Monday, October 22nd. In the first week, Room Alert 3E is already selling at higher volumes than any other Room Alert monitor. AVTECH expects this new model to eventually outsell all other models combined. This is because the monitoring power is significant and the cost is well within anyone’s budget or level of authority. Some early customers are referring to Room Alert 3E as the USB killer because the value, ease-of-use, and installation is so much easier than USB based temperature monitors that require agents, in person installation, and have limitations as to where they can be installed. Installation of Room Alert 3E is as easy as connecting it to your PoE network and then opening AVTECH’s powerful Device ManageR software. The monitor is automatically discovered and the user can then set a static IP address and immediately configure Room Alert 3E for use in minutes.

AVTECH, based in Warren, Rhode Island, develops and manufactures hardware and software solutions designed to monitor environmental conditions and protect computer rooms, IT data centers and facilities of all types and sizes. Their Room Alert products allow easy remote monitoring of environmental conditions that include temperature and humidity extremes, power interruptions and failures, HVAC air flow, flooding and water leakage, smoke & fire, unauthorized room entry, security cameras and similar conditions that can reek havoc on expensive equipment and property of all types if left unchecked. Once a problem is detected, AVTECH products immediately notify managers and staff via today’s most advanced mobile technologies, enabling a quick response and automatic corrective action. This allows organization’s to avoid or minimize downtime, costly hardware replacement and other related expenses. Customers include over 86% of the Fortune 1000, all branches of the U.S. government and military, all 50 state governments and organizations of all types and sizes.