Herb Zien, CEO of LiquidCool Solutions, says:

Data center efficiency, power and cooling management issues are multiplying exponentially. Notwithstanding facilities and IT managers’ eagerness to implement tools designed to manage cooling efficiency and capacity, the industry at large maintains an unwavering dependence on air-cooling. As a result large investments in efficiency improvements are generating small, incremental returns. These baby-step changes in existing technologies that evolved over the last decade have grown into a monster: the very loud, energy-intensive fan-cooled data center that’s expensive to operate and difficult to manage.

LiquidCool Solutions (LCS) opted to take a clean slate approach. LCS developed an elegant solution for cooling electronics that focuses on energy efficiency, scalability and rack management. LCS’s patented liquid submersion technology cools all electronic components within the server chassis. Mechanical refrigeration is eliminated; as are blade fans, rack fans, CRAC units and air handling systems. By eliminating all this extraneous equipment, it is possible to reduce data center energy consumption by 40% and floor space by 50%.

There is also a range of spin-off benefits. In addition to efficiently removing heat, the dielectric fluid inside the chassis insulates electronics from air so temperature fluctuations are dampened and there are no issues with static electricity, air pollution or corrosion. Where working in a data center is typically like working in a cold, loud cage, LCS cooled spaces are surprisingly quiet.

In retrofitting existing data centers that are out of power, it’s as simple as replacing hardware on the normal refresh cycle. Server density is increased and the energy that was needed for cooling can then be repurposed to increase compute capacity, which in turn postpones the need to construct a new data center. With no raised floors, ductwork or floor space dedicated to cooling apparatus, facility construction costs are also reduced.

A three-minute overview of LCS’ liquid cooling via patented total liquid submersion and directed flow technology: http://www.liquidcoolsolutions.com/technology.html

About LiquidCool Solutions LiquidCool Solutions is an applied R&D company that licenses its extensive patent portfolio related to total liquid submersion cooling to manufacturers of IT and data center cooling equipment manufacturers. LCS also leverages its total immersion cooling expertise on a collaborative basis to help companies solve their difficult heat dissipation problems.