Category: Open Source

Can SMBs Benefit from Open Source?

– Luis Sala, senior director of product marketing and cloud computing at Alfresco Software (, says:Small and medium businesses can most definitely benefit from leveraging open source technologies. The most...

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Open Source: Enterprise Benefits

– Sanjay Aggarwal, project manager at OpenSource Technologies (, says:Open source definitely benefits the enterprise. Open Source Technologies is already providing these benefits to small and...

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Open Source: Benefits

– Nick Carr, Marketing Director with Red Hat (, says:Open source technologies are not restricted to use by large enterprises, in fact open source software such as Linux has its roots in small systems. Linux...

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Open Source: Customer Benefits

– Alex Attal, General Manager at Sage ERP X3 (, says:Open source technologies require skills and resources to operate and maintain, and often times pose difficulties for midsize companies with limited IT...

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