– Alex Attal, General Manager at Sage ERP X3 (www.sage.com), says:

Open source technologies require skills and resources to operate and maintain, and often times pose difficulties for midsize companies with limited IT capabilities (5 to 10 IT people and less than $500K of IT budget in our target market).

Our approach with Sage ERP X3 is to accommodate some open source technologies into the product for customer benefits. It means that we are responsible (within the product) for the maintenance and the support of those technologies; this way our customers won’t have to manage this part. A few examples include Apache Web Server, Tomcat Application server in SAFE X3 Web Application Server.

We also bet on Eclipse, the most popular open source development environment in the world, and integrated it into the Sage ERP X3 Integrated Development Environment.

We are looking at other technologies and open source solutions to integrate into future versions of Sage ERP X3. The objective of integration is again to do the maintenance and the support of those technologies ourselves, and not add to the customers’ technical responsibilities and to reduce customers’ TCO.