– Sanjay Aggarwal, project manager at OpenSource Technologies (www.opensourcetechnologies.com), says:

Open source definitely benefits the enterprise. Open Source Technologies is already providing these benefits to small and midsized enterprises. Most of these enterprises are using Open Source CMS for their websites, which enables them to get their website up and running without any cost or minimal cost. The administrators of the sites update their websites without a need from web designers and web developers.

Take SugarCRM for example (www.sugarcrm.com): Hundreds of enterprises are using SugarCRM to manage their customer relationships.

One of the biggest concerns with open source, however, is security. The application code typically remains available for public use. The downside of this is that hackers can study the code and try to hack the sites. But the good news is, this issue can be resolved by taking the proper steps (upgrade your applications, have timely security reviews, etc.).