Host In Ireland

Dot-com data centre reaches end of life

Originally posted to Future-tech, BACKGROUND The London based data centre operator engaged with Future-tech to design and plan the logistics and sequencing associated with the refurbishment and upgrade of its primary data centre. [...]

5 factors to consider when choosing a data centre provider

Originally posted to Silicon Republic by Tanya Duncan, Interxion MD Tanya Duncan talks through five key considerations that business leaders should take into account when evaluating data centre services. [...]

Host in Ireland Adds IT Industry Leader to Its Advisory Council

The global telecommunications industry now recognizes Ireland as a top location in Europe to host digital assets. This can be attributed to the tireless work of Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to raise [...]

How 60 Years of Innovation Turned Ireland Into Overnight Success for Digital Hosting Industry

Originally posted to IC4, In the first edition of a series of guest blogs, IC4 welcomes Garry Connolly. Garry currently serves as President and Founder of Host in Ireland, where he oversees the direction and promotion [...]

“Ireland, Data’s Gateway to Europe” Event to Converge Leading Authorities on EU-US Data Protection

By: Garry Connolly, President & Founder of Host in Ireland Secure data transmission is critical when hosting digital assets abroad, especially in a time when data breaches run rampant and threats grow more sophisticated with each passing [...]

Why the EU’s New Data Protection Regulation is a Board Room Issue

As originally published on Host In Ireland After four years of negotiations, the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission have agreed on the final text of the EU General Data Protection [...]

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