Over the course of the last several decades, the IT landscape has grown and evolved into the always-on, digital world we know today. As we continue toward a new era of IT, IoT and the Internet of Everywhere, Ireland is poised to enable consistent growth with a secure, reliable and affordable digital assets hosting ecosystem.

At the heart of Ireland’s digital hosting community is Host in Ireland, a global initiative working to increase awareness about the country’s digital ecosystem. Right now, Host in Ireland is in the process of forming strategic partnerships to help further its goals. Just recently, Host in Ireland announced that Ethos Engineering will be a strategic partner in 2018 while Ethos Managing Director Greg Hayden will join its Executive Committee.

“We are honored to welcome Ethos Engineering to our exceptional team of Host in Ireland partners,” stated Garry Connolly, Founder and President of Host in Ireland. “Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to Greg Hayden who joins our Executive Committee. Given his organization’s experience with First Q Network, the European mechanical and electrical consultancy services association with more than 2,500 engineers in 12 countries, and his active membership in many other organizations in the construction industry, including honorary treasurer of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland, Mr. Hayden is an ideal representative to join the initiative’s mission in expanding global awareness of the advantages of hosting digital assets in Ireland.”

Host in Ireland’s Executive Committee plays a critical role in supporting all aspects of the initiative through business advocacy efforts, collaboration and strategic guidance. The organization abides by the “5 Ps” of Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes and Power. Ireland’s integration of these five elements offers a structured foundation for organizations of all global markets and sizes. Supported by a growing team of partners, Host in Ireland is harnessing the “power of the collective,” while creating an environment of co-opetition where competing companies can come together to achieve common goals through collaboration and cooperation.

“Ethos Engineering is delighted to become a partner of Host in Ireland for 2018,” said Greg Hayden, Managing Director of Ethos Engineering. “We have been impressed with the work they have done over the past number of years and the strength of their collaboration partners. They have really helped put Ireland on the map for the hosting industry for all the right reasons.”

Ethos Engineering is one of the most recognized and innovative firms in the sector, and is a three-time recipient of the Irish Construction Industry Awards’ ‘Consultancy of the Year’ award. Boasting more than 75 professionals across its offices in London, Dublin and Cork, Ethos is among the biggest electrical and mechanical electrical consultancy services and has been active in the data centre industry for over 10 years. During that time, Ethos has designed over 550MW of technical space for multiple industry-leading clients across mainland Europe and Ireland. Hayden has also received the ‘European CEO Award’ which recognizes outstanding best-practices and leadership throughout Pan-European consultancy and engineering firms from the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE).

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