As multinational companies prepare for the rollout of the most significant changes to the European Union’s data protection framework in recent memory, every organization generating or manipulating personal data records, regardless of location, now needs to closely review their data security processes. This May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace existing data protection statutes established under the EU Data Protection Directive. The new regulations are meant to improve transparency, security and accountability by data controllers, while standardizing and strengthening the rights of citizens to data privacy.

Just recently, Circular Data Solutions, a manufacturer of destruction equipment for ‘end-of-life’ data storage devices, joined Host in Ireland as a strategic partner in 2018. With coming of the GDPR, Circular Data Solutions’ data destruction equipment, and technical and maintenance support services are expected to see high demand across the EU region. The Belfast-based company’s Co-Founder and Director, Mike Wegwermer, has also joined the Host in Ireland Executive Committee.

“We are pleased to welcome Circular Data Solutions as a Host in Ireland partner,” commented Host in Ireland Founder and President Garry Connolly. “We also welcome Mike Wegwermer to our Executive Committee. With the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force this May, Mike’s experience in providing services that enable global data center operators, financial and healthcare institutions, and government agencies to manage and protect personal data is an immediate asset to one of the initiative’s chief concerns.”

Ireland has long been regarded as an optimal location for data hosting services, due largely to the efforts of Host in Ireland and its partners. In addition to stewarding Host in Ireland, Mr. Connolly is also Co-Chair of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Awareness Coalition, a not-for-profit initiative designed to increase awareness of the data privacy obligations for companies resulting from the implementation of the GDPR. Circular Data Solutions’ Mr. Wegwermer shares Connolly’s concerns about how the GDPR will affect companies doing business in the EU.

“Becoming a Host in Ireland partner has enabled us to meet and collaborate with such a diverse cross-section and well-informed group of industry leaders,” stated Mr. Wegwermer. “Our goal is to help operators and infrastructure suppliers to data centers think about and plan data destruction solutions as an integral requirement. You can easily, and more cost-effectively remove a potentially damaging data security risk by destroying end-of-life data in-house.”

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