Recently, Host in Ireland Founder and President Garry Connolly conducted a video interview for Host News with Craig Doyle, a Host in Ireland data centre partner with CommScope. With two decades of experience in telecommunications and networking, Craig serves as the Senior Solution Market Manager for the EMEA region supporting the company’s enterprise solutions portfolio and providing an interface to product management, R&D and manufacturing. During their conversation, he discussed the role of CommScope in the data centre industry globally.

On the differences between the U.S. and Ireland data centre business, Craig commented, “As the industry has developed from the private enterprise to more of a co-location, hosting and even to the hyper-scale data centre. Requirements are not being driven by the data centers, but rather the data itself (within the walls of the data center). Questions that are being asked today are: What is the application? What is the data? What is the transaction?”

In terms of being a “smart” solutions provider, Craig sheds light on CommScope’s role today.

“CommScope’s acquisition strategy is to strengthen our core function.  We have made acquisitions and have made developments in products that allow for smart or for intelligent technology, which is referred to now as “cognitive.” So it’s actually using the internet of things or the building the internet of things that allows us to provide a lot more context to decision making for businesses. Now, unfortunately the reality is when trying to achieve that is quite a complex process. It is absolutely achievable, but invariably, there’s no one company that can actually provide that. It takes an ecosystem of businesses and that ecosystem of technologies to operate, work together, and then provide that reality.”

Craig also addresses where CommScope fits in terms of the Edge and IoT:

The history of the business was primarily a mixture of both – originally, not necessarily always by strategy. But the reality is that we grew organically in various areas.  CommScope historically was in cable TV and the hybrid fiber-cabled marketplace. The business we acquired from Avaya focused on the enterprise business for buildings, but also for data centres. Then, we acquired wireless businesses. That business really runs the different media in which people can connect.  That is either at the core of a portfolio property or the data centre itself.  It is really where it touches the customers with a location at a building premises for businesses or at a residential premises for the residential consumer market.”


To watch Garry Connolly’s interview with Host in Ireland partner member Craig Doyle in its entirety, click here.