Application Performance

The Application Performance Gap: What It Is, Why It’s Bad and How to Close It

By Steve Brar, Director of Platform and Solutions Marketing, Riverbed Technology Although enterprises are growing increasingly comfortable with migrating on-premise applications to the cloud, new research finds that this is creating a significant gap between the [...]

Ensure Availability & Performance in SAP’s Digital Economy

By Pawel Siwek, Product Manager at Dynatrace September 22, 2015 SAP applications play a key role in fulfilling business processes in today’s digital enterprises. Availability problems, even those that impact single users, result in efficiency loss and [...]


Verismic, a global provider of IT management solutions delivered from the Cloud, recently announced a breakthrough Patch Management Service as part of its award-winning agentless endpoint management tool, Cloud Management Suite. The strategic process helps companies [...]

The role of High Density in High Performance Computing

  – Matthew Larbey, Product Strategy Director at VIRTUS, says: High Performance Computing, once seen as the reserve of the mega-corporation, is today being viewed by businesses as a way of countering the increasing divide between shrinking IT [...]

How does Enterprise Application Integration Empower your Business.

Enterprise Application Integration – Anthony Marion, business development manager at LogicalTech SysTalk, says: With the ever increasing dominance of IT in businesses, software applications have played a major role in allowing enterprises, whether big or small, to manage [...]

Urgent: Why You Must Re-tool Mainframe Apps for the Next Generation

– Christopher O’Malley, President, Compuware, says: While the IT hype machine focuses its attention on mobile and the cloud, little attention is being given one of the most important challenges facing today’s CIOs: extending the life [...]

Why the Fast Data world needs a proven and mature In-Memory Data Fabric backed by the Apache Software Foundation

In-Memory Data Fabric – Nikita Ivanov, CTO of GridGain says: Much of what human beings experience as commonplace today – social networking, on-line gaming, mobile and wearable computing — was impossible a decade ago. One thing is certain: [...]

QA and Mobile App Testing Hot Topics for Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile App Testing – Marisa Negri, marketing coordinator for QASymphony, says: Individuals and businesses have been steadily shifting away from their traditional desktops and laptops in favor of smartphones and tablets. The lines once clearly dividing [...]

Optimizing Data Center Performance, Reliability and Value through Mission Critical Lifecycle Services

Integrated Critical Infrastructure – Ken Rapoport, Founder and CEO, Electronic Environments Corporation, says: Instead of focusing on each isolated, specialized component, today’s data center operators realize the value in viewing their mission-critical facilities and data centers [...]

Understanding Performance Monitoring in Today’s Data-Centric World

“It’s time to rethink network performance monitoring.” – Dan Joe Barry, vice president of marketing, Napatech, says: In years past, a trip to the DMV or the laundromat meant hours of flipping through dated newspapers and [...]

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