Integrated Critical Infrastructure

Ken Rapoport, Founder and CEO, Electronic Environments Corporation, says:

Instead of focusing on each isolated, specialized component, today’s data center operators realize the value in viewing their mission-critical facilities and data centers as a single, integrated system to improve overall performance and reliability.  Similar to a well-oiled machine, all systems, technologies and personnel within a data center must work together to ensure maximum output is achieved.  If one aspect of the collective falters, the overall system is compromised.

Through its adoption of this principle, Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) has transformed traditional infrastructure solution deliveries with its unique, holistic-approach, Mission Critical Lifecycle Services (MCLS).  MCLS offers data center professionals a homogeneous approach to data center infrastructure that enables simplified management and tackles the evolving challenges of data center operators.  Debunking industry norms, EEC views data centers as one unified structure.  By doing so, clients achieve important objectives such as availability and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)  as EEC addresses all five interrelated areas of the mission-critical facilities lifecycle.


MCLS Arrows Graphic


  1. Planning

Data center project planning can be a time-consuming and arduous task.  Errors in the preliminary planning phase tend to magnify in the long run and can substantially impede project progress.  Leveraging almost three decades of facility management expertise, EEC provides data center decision-makers with the right information and guidance based on real-world experience from the beginning, resulting in fewer project challenges down the road. For nearly three decades, EEC’s experts have seen a wide array of infrastructure design flaws. EEC brings these experiences forward to the planning phase to produce a highly efficient infrastructure plan.

2. Design Management

EEC holds a vested interest in delivering a thorough, integrated design solution since it often shares long-term ownership responsibilities with its customers.  From site feasibility studies to selection analyses or design engineering, the company’s value surpasses that of data center design firms in that it broadens its focus to include the design of facilities’ full lifecycle.  EEC takes into account the construction, maintenance and serviceability for each unique project.

3. Construction

Over the years, EEC team members have been entrusted with constructing over 20 million square feet of data center space.  As a result, the EEC team has proven experience in construction management, design build, cost estimation, project management, scheduling, equipment procurement, building evaluation, pre-construction, commissioning management, sustainability / Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Building Information Modeling (BIM) and quality assurance and control (QA/QC).

4. Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

EEC’s maintenance offerings have ensured the optimal performance and maximum uptime of customer sites for the last 28 years.  EEC offers monitoring, infrastructure training, legal and regulatory compliance, on-site facility management, mobile 7x24x365 service,; performance and acceptance testing procedures and benchmarking, predictive analysis and maintenance, and rigorous Statements of Work (SOWs) and Methods of Procedure (MOPs).

Through the integration of its services, EEC’s clients have benefitted from cost savings, reduced service calls, improved availability, vendor consolidation/convenience and more. With the superior services it offers, EEC has seen a 98% renewal rate, with clients continually reaping the benefits of the company’s constantly tested methodologies.

5. Assessments

The fast-paced data center industry requires operators to have a detailed and transparent view into their data center infrastructure and operations in order to identify areas for improvement and meet evolving customer requirements.  EEC provides assessments for reliability, energy efficiency, VFD retrofits, airflow management, CFD analysis, data center refresh, operational processes and quality to help customers meet new business and IT objectives.

By addressing all aspects of the mission-critical facilities lifecycle, EEC’s MCLS approach offers a wide variety of valuable benefits to customers.  Operators gain peace of mind knowing that in both daily operations and emergency situations, a single, knowledgeable and experienced vendor manages their total data center environment.  A single-point-of-contact also leads to simplified data center management and increased productivity.  High reliability and system availability are also assured through EEC’s comprehensive response and rapid deployment capabilities.

Many EEC customers realize substantial cost reductions with EEC; customers selecting more than one service or solution benefit from lower rates through economies of scale.  For enterprises or companies with multiple sites, leveraging a single provider like EEC across all facilities enables more manageable standardization and scale.  Because EEC does not offer ‘out of the box’ solutions like other providers, each customer receives predictive and preventative maintenance programs tailored to their specific needs.

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