Verismic, a global provider of IT management solutions delivered from the Cloud, recently announced a breakthrough Patch Management Service as part of its award-winning agentless endpoint management tool, Cloud Management Suite. The strategic process helps companies protect their endpoints and comply with PCI/HIPAA requirements by determining which unsecured devices and missing patches present the great risks and network liability. patch management software

Keeping systems up-to-date with the latest patches is a critical and endless function of the overburdened IT department; just one missing endpoint patch can leave an enterprise’s entire network at risk. In fact, the number one target of cyber criminals is unpatched vulnerabilities. Yet, time after time, Verismic discovers upwards of 200 crucial patch updates to be missing within just a single network environment. Fast-moving threats and increasingly complex computing technologies all contribute to the need for updated systems—a need which is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. In addition to providing immediate detection and remediation for Windows and third-party software updates, Verismic’s Patch Management Service also has the capability to expedite patch deployment to reduce or prevent “Zero Day Attacks” that expose undisclosed or unpatched endpoints before or on the same day a patch is expected to deploy.

Verismic’s Patch Management Service handles patch updates for Cloud Management Suite subscribers and other clients who can’t afford to put resources into long, recurring update processes necessary to protect endpoints. With its advanced vulnerability cleansing for networks of all sizes, Verismic’s Patch Management Service closes the gap between missing patches and secure, updated environments.

Patch Management Service: