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Application and Network Performance

Heidi Gabrielson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Riverbed, says:

Today’s operations teams can’t predict what the next performance issue will be or where it will occur. Problems can happen anywhere – at the end user devices, the network and infrastructure, or anywhere across the application tiers.

Not unsurprisingly, application and network performance management  lapses have a strong impact on enterprise efficiency. According to a new Forrester Consulting study commissioned in August 2013 by Riverbed, 52 percent of the IT operations surveyed squander more than 20 percent of their operational resources to track and correct problems. This directly impacts both business and IT productivity.  And if the affected application is customer facing, then performance degradations can also impact customer buying patterns and brand image and perception.

Because performance problems are so unpredictable and you “can’t know what you don’t know”, IT operations teams need a solution that provides complete visibility. The new Riverbed AppResponse Xpert 6000 appliance now merges application-aware network performance management and application performance management views and information into a single appliance to provide a complete picture of how applications are performing and where delay is occurring. This enable IT operations to quickly and efficiently pinpoint the source of performance problems, saving companies both time and money.

Other feature/benefits include the following:

  • Rich packet-level analysis to supplement the end-user experience monitoring and transaction analysis provided by AppResponse Xpert for fast troubleshooting of network performance problems without having to pull your Level 3 network engineers off other priorities.
  • Data integration between AppResponse Xpert and Cascade Profiler for consolidated reporting and analysis of performance data from disparate sources across the organization, including Riverbed Steelhead, Cascade Shark, Cascade Gateway and AppResponse Xpert appliances
  • Support for higher speed networks and longer packet data retention with AppResponse Xpert 6000 appliance, which writes to disk at 2x10Gbps line rates and provides up to 264TB.

To learn more about these updates please go to: http://rvbd.ly/18tYyKe