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Oracle Seeking Data Center Space for Cloud Push

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller. There’s a major new player in the cloud data center arms race, as database giant Oracle Corp. is seeking to add capacity to support its push into [...]

Considerations for Keeping Cloud Computing Data Secure

Originally posted to CloudPost by David Miller. As great as cloud computing can be, your data can still be vulnerable and at risk. There are many important considerations to ensure your cloud computing data stays as [...]

How Cloud Consumption Myths Confuse the Cost Control Challenge

By Fraser McKay, Head of Product at Cloud Cruiser Now that we have a grip on our nebulous worries about virtualized everything, adoption of cloud services and infrastructure is becoming business as usual. [...]

2016: The Year of the Edge

By: Clint Heiden, Chief Commercial Officer Enabling Digital Transformation and the Internet of Everywhere The Darwinian theory of natural selection is rooted in the belief that in order for a species to survive, it must adapt to [...]

The State of Data Center Design: 2016

As originally published on Data Center Frontier At Data Center Frontier, design is one of the major themes we see shaping the industry. Our thesis: New markets will require new approaches to data center design, creating [...]

Sentinel Expanding its Research Triangle Data Center

As originally published on Data Center Frontier North Carolina has built a reputation as a destination for large, single-tenant data centers from companies like Apple, Google and Facebook. But how about large multi-tenant facilities? [...]

Effective Ideas to Stop Hackers in Their Tracks

By:  Brooke Chaplan, Technical Writer Hacking is big business, and the people who want to get inside your computer are doing it for the money. There are proven techniques to stop hackers from targeting your computer, but [...]

Infomart Portland’s Latest Tenant Expansion Brings 125 New Jobs to Hillsboro

A tenant of national wholesale data center provider Infomart Data Centers has expanded its IT operations at Infomart Portland.  The expansion will add 125 staff members to the tenant’s existing IT operation, bringing IT operations staff [...]

2016 Technology Convergence Conference to Feature Case Studies Presented by Leading Building Technology Professionals

By: Shad Davis, Digital Marketing and Event Specialist at TELADATA TELADATA, a leading consulting firm for converging building technologies will feature cutting edge technology case studies at the 2016 Technology Convergence Conference (TCC) The conference will [...]

Reasons Why Cloud is the Future of Enterprise Mobile Apps

As Originally Published on CloudPOST By: Ritesh Patil,co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech Technology has become easier with cloud computing, especially for huge enterprises. Earlier it was difficult to have the easy access to technology which has now [...]

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