By:  Brooke Chaplan, Technical Writer

Hacking is big business, and the people who want to get inside your computer are doing it for the money. There are proven techniques to stop hackers from targeting your computer, but you’ll have to make some small changes to make it a less likely target. If someone really wants to get into your computer, there is little you can do unless you completely disengage from the internet. Luckily, most hackers are just looking for easy targets, so a few simple changes to your computer can encourage them to look for the next victim.

Effective Ideas to Stop Hackers in Their TracksDon’t Give Them Information
Give the hacker as little information as possible to go off. If your computer’s name clearly identifies who you are on a network, it’s time to change that information. If you have a laptop, make sure it is encrypted with a password. The hacker can still attempt to guess your password, but without it, most are out of luck.

Update Your Operating System
Keep your computer system updated, and use the latest release of the operating systems as soon as possible. If a new operating system comes out, jump on and take advantage of it. While hackers will quickly learn the weaknesses of a new operating system, there is a learning curve that allows you to stay protected. Windows systems are targeted more than Mac systems, but that doesn’t mean you are safe if you own a Mac.

Use the Right Browser
Using the right browser to surf the Internet can greatly decrease your chances of an attack. Only install trusted extensions and make sure you keep your browser updated. While anti-virus and a firewall can be a crucial part of protecting your computer, most computers now have default protections. This means the programs you install are going to leave you most vulnerable to an attack.

Use Secure Websites
Secure websites can help to protect your data as well. You can also use a VPN from a trusted company to encrypt all data that is sent from your computer. Hackers attempt to access your system when you send unencrypted data over a network. Avoid this by using a program that continually encrypts your data and protects your privacy.

An IT company can help you protect your computer on any network. If you suspect that you are the victim of a hacking attempt, change your passwords and make sure your entire system is updated. Then contact IT support in Ottawa to secure your system.