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imgresAt Data Center Frontier, design is one of the major themes we see shaping the industry. Our thesis: New markets will require new approaches to data center design, creating facilities that can operate with very different climate and energy profiles. This will require major innovation in the way data centers are designed, built and powered.

Over the past year, we’ve interviewed many of the industry’s leading thinkers on design, and developed case studies of how leading companies in our field are using design to differentiate themselves and target business opportunities.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the State of Data Center Design in 2016:
Big-Picture Trends

The evolution of data center design can impact broad sectors of the industry, molding decisions on site location and construction spending. At Data Center Frontier we gather a spectrum of perspectives from data center professionals, seeking to separate genuine trends from one-off scenarios. Here’s our in-depth analysis of four of the trends shaping the business.

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