Interview with Suchita Nagale, VP of information technology for Vision Solutions

By Suchita Nagale, Vice President of Information Technology for Vision Solutions On April 16, 2016, extended support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ends. As we become closer to the end-of-life, what are businesses risking by delaying migration? If a [...]

Hyper-Convergence Market Overview and Definition

By: Kiran Sreenivasamurthy, Director of Product Management & Product Marketing, Maxta Hyper-Convergence Experts have noted that the storage space has not seen much innovation in the past decade.  As many enterprise data center technologies have gone through [...]

ARM’s battle for the datacentre: The contenders

  – Nick Heath, chief reporter for TechRepublic UK, says: How will the first generation of enterprise-ready ARM servers stack up against traditional datacentre boxes? As the first enterprise-ready, ARM-based servers get nearer to release more [...]

How Can You Tell When Your Server Needs An Upgrade?

– Rachel Gillevet, technical writer for WiredTree, says: Your server is akin to a well-oiled machine. In a perfect world, this means that all the parts work together flawlessly, delivering whatever services you require of them at maximum [...]

Rugged Tier Computers Run in Sand and Sea

Rugged Tier Computers – Herb Zien, CEO of LiquidCool Solutions, says: A company must be very confident in its computing technology to dunk one in a fish tank and another in a hot sand pit. LiquidCool Solutions’ [...]

Server Farm Realty: Helping Power Providers to New Heights

Power Providers – Joanna Styczen, spokesperson for iMPR, says: In today’s market, network downtime is simply not an option. Due to the astronomical cost of losing precious business production hours as well as the pressure of having [...]

Data Centers – The Factories of the Information Age – 1,000th article!

“The Factories of the Information Age” – Jim Leach, vice president of marketing at RagingWire Data Centers, says: If you are involved with data center management, you are fortunate to be part of an era of truly historical [...]

Shaving down to nanoseconds with a blade

  – Paul Ginn, VP of Marketing, APCON, says: Latency – the word that never fails to come up in any conversation about data centers. Proving low network latency is on the top of data center [...]

Inch By Inch: US versus International Server Racks

– Cary Frame, CEO of Polargy, says: Server Racks With rigid hot and cold aisle containment systems, inches are important in the server rack world. Any slight variances matter in the containment world, because the difference of [...]

Fine-Tuning Server Utilization In A Cloud Environment

– Bret Clement, head of global communications for RightScale, says:  As Brian Adler, senior cloud solutions architect at RightScale recently wrote in his blog entitled “20 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Cloud Environment,” cloud deployments require tune-ups.  [...]

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