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Datagram, Inc. offers a variety of proven services including Managed Server Hosting, Managed Services, Colocation, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Hosted Email, and Internet Access. A renowned and trusted provider of Web Hosting, Datagram has been offering the service as a part of its comprehensive service portfolio since 1995. Unlike most other Web Hosting companies, Datagram provides clients with a truly custom solution that fulfills their specific business needs. Its Managed Server Hosting services include high-demand offerings such as Dedicated or Virtual Private Servers, Advanced Monitoring, Content Delivery, and WordPress Hosting.




One particular specialty that Datagram is known for is WordPress Hosting. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging platform in use on the web and powers over 60 million websites worldwide. It was first released in 2003, and since then, a vast number of plugins, themes, and other features have been added to its expansive offering. These additional features have created a significant level of complexity when it comes to WordPress implementation, deployment, and ongoing management. Today, there are almost 25,000 plugins available to WordPress users. The sheer number of plugins available can significantly complicate resource allocation and raise a multitude of security and vulnerability concerns. Every application requires its own tailored solution. Key considerations include plug-in utilization, nature of content, expected traffic patterns, and infrastructure requirements. Overlooking any one of these criteria will likely cause you heartache in the future.




How does Datagram make a client’s WordPress experience even better? WordPress requires significant resources to efficiently tune the implementation and performance of the service. The company offers individualized, consultative support in helping to identify specific, underperforming areas of the application. To best accomplish this optimization, Datagram partners with Sound Strategies, an application development, SEO, and web design company based in New York. Together, the organizations help customers achieve the best possible custom outcomes for their applications by offering a consultative approach and proven expertise.



Datagram offers WordPress Hosting with 24x7x365 support, managed CDN service, server monitoring and tuning (if required), and NGINX and APC support. Data content types that are cached on CDN include static and dynamic web objects, live streaming media, database queries, and downloadable objects such as media files, software, and documents.




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