Cloud Industry

Groupon – A West Coast Hyperscale Cloud Case Study And Success Story

Originally posted to Data Center Knowledge by Bill Kleyman. [...]

MSPs Can Adapt To Growth, Stay Competitive And Increase Cashflow Through Lesser-Known Financing Strategies

By Neil Holmes, Vice President of Business Development, Liberty Commercial Finance [...]

Roundtable: A Look Into the Multi-Cloud Future

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller. [...]

Learn, Network and Grow at CAPRE’s Greater Denver Data Center Summit

The growing use of cloud technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been among the most impactful trends throughout 2017. In fact, Forbes predicts that the cloud computing market will more than double from $67 [...]

Google: New Algorithm Will Make Our Cloud Platform Faster

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller. [...]

Network Orchestration Is Essential to Cloud Agility and Efficiency

By Chadwick Kinlay, Director, Marketing and Communications, Epsilon [...]

The Psychology Behind the Elimination of Human Error

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry. [...]

Epsilon Strengthens and Expands Its Foothold in the North American Market A Q&A with Epsilon’s Paul Verhoeven, GM, Americas

Data Center POST recently had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Verhoeven, Epsilon’s GM, Americas, to discuss the company’s North American strategy, including key services, target markets and the unique challenges of the region. [...]

The Unimaginable Future: Data Center Leaders Grapple With Growth

Originally posted on Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller. [...]

Enter Shortlisted for ‘Best Cloud Innovative Operator’ at Global GCCM 2017 Berlin Awards

Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, Driven by the increasing number of connected mobile and IoT devices, the demand for enhanced cloud connectivity continues to grow throughout the telecommunications industry. [...]

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