Originally published to TelecomNewsroom.

Datacenter People, a worldwide recruitment firm in the data center industry has expanded its practice to include recruiting professionals working in the cloud services division. This expansion is a direct result of the accelerated growth cloud services is currently experiencing in the data center industry.

The rapid growth of cloud services has been predicted by many industry experts. In a report titled “Software Infrastructure Global Viewpoint”, research indicates that cloud traffic will account for 83 percent of total data center traffic by 2019.

Cloud traffic is generated by cloud services available through the internet from virtualized cloud data centers, increasing network interconnection, both in the enterprise and datacenter environments. Digital disruption, including mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging solutions, are pushing organizations to search for alternative data center solutions.

Datacenter People recognized the shifting technological requirements would impact the talent required to support these areas for clients and companies, including global requests for data center professionals. As a result, Datacenter People formed a partnership with Portman Partners, an Executive Search Subsidiary, to support the expansion and new requirements for talent. Announced in May 2018, the company will focus its efforts on recruiting C-level leadership and senior executive roles within the data center and cloud industries. Portman Partners has recently relocated to Devonshire Square in London, United Kingdom.