Inflect’s Global Marketplace Provides Data Center and Network Services Intelligence Through a Single Pane of Glass

By Jeremy Juel, Director of Experience Design, Inflect

The Inflect Global Marketplace is the first neutral platform for researching and purchasing data center and network services. It is now openly accessible to any buyer at no fee and with no obligation! Inflect’s graph-based data model (the same data modelling approach Facebook and industry-leading travel sites use) visualizes relationships within data centers and across the industry like never before, allowing you to find the right digital infrastructure solutions for your business’ needs.

Our Global Marketplace empowers you to:

  • Independently research and identify the right colocation and network services with ease to make informed purchasing decisions at your own pace and on your own terms.
  • View the service provider and peer ecosystem within each data center, building, or exchange to see who is available for interconnection.
  • Connect with sellers when you’re ready to buy and with confidence that they can meet your unique business needs.
  • Search the Inflect database with precision thanks to our predictive autocomplete functionality.

Browse Data Centers, Buildings, and Supporting Infrastructure

With the Inflect Global Marketplace, browse data centers as well as the buildings that contain them (take a look at our pages for One Wilshire in Los Angeles, or 350 E. Cermak in Chicago). Identify supporting infrastructure, including submarine cable landing stations, cell tower sites and other network Points of Presence (PoPs) both within and outside of data centers. Discover service providers capable of providing network connectivity from these PoPs to business and residential addresses.

Data Center Details at-a-Glance

Data Center Details pages put the most important information front and center: How interconnected is this data center? Is colocation space available? What other data centers are in this building? How many peers are available on the internet exchanges present at this data center?

Effortlessly navigate between data center, building, network, exchange and provider pages, accessing powerful market intelligence at a glance.

Start a Conversation

Have a question? Ready to get a quote from a provider? Inflect’s messaging tool lets you engage directly with providers in a low-pressure environment. Move from researching to interacting with providers with one click from any data center or provider page – no more contact forms to fill out or additional personal information required. Optionally share project details with the provider with ease, via the Project Details panel.

Provider conversations on Inflect allow your team to maintain a record of conversations and decisions, even as stakeholders come and go. Invite other teammates to conversations or easily retrieve provider contact information. Reply directly to an email notification to update the conversation within the Inflect Global Marketplace messaging thread so that everyone stays on the same page.

Autocomplete for Greater Precision

Search the Inflect graph database by geographic location, provider on-net locations, data centers, exchanges or Autonomous System Number (ASN). Inflect’s autocomplete experience accurately matches the search query with known content as you type, making it easy to find provider on-net locations, data centers, and more.

Only the Beginning

The digital infrastructure industry has long been in need of a neutral source for market data. With its powerful, proprietary database and modern visual user interface, our Global Marketplace makes it easier than ever for you to make informed decisions regarding global data center and network services.

At Inflect, we’re doing more than building a powerful, neutral marketplace: we’re unlocking the pace of innovation by removing the constraints of internet infrastructure. This is only the beginning.

Work with us

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