Originally posted to CloudPOST,

By Nathan Sykes

The cloud is gaining popularity with consumers and enterprises alike, and for a good reason. It’s a highly convenient, efficient and relatively secure framework for data storage. Just about everyone is embracing the cloud with open arms except data center operators and employees.

Cloud-based services are outpacing modern data centers in many ways. According to the latest research from Cisco, cloud computing is set to replace the traditional data center model by 2021. With new users embracing the cloud in record numbers, it has a clear and significant role in the future. However, modern data centers are struggling to find their niche in today’s cloud environments.

How Are Data Centers Responding?

The private data center model provides one possible solution and a viable alternative to cloud computing. Although traditional data centers are at serious risk of being phased out over the coming months and years, facilities that offer private or hybrid cloud access could see new and increased interest.

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