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Zone Defense in the Cloud: Why Digital Realty Bought DFT

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller, [...]

The Ultimate Challenge – Data Center Build or Buy

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Bill Kleyman, As we look at all the trends around cloud, digitization, and technology utilization – it becomes very clear as to why we continue to see more demands [...]

5 Key Considerations for Airflow Containment Design

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry, [...]

DataCloud Announces Annual Data Center Leadership Award Winner

Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, DataCloud created the Data Center Leadership Award to honor individuals in the industry who display an extraordinary commitment to excellence and innovation. [...]

Managing the Data Centers of the Future

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry, More and more companies are discovering that to compete in this new digital age, they must build applications that engage and empower the customer. [...]

Come meet us at iTech Montreal – June 12 2017

Originally posted to ROOT Data Center, ROOT is proud to be a sponsor of iTech 2017 Montreal [...]

Come hear the latest on Why Montreal at DCD > Webscale

Originally posted to ROOT Data Center, ROOT Data Center will be at DCD > Webscale in San Francisco June 19-20 2017. [...]

IMN’s Provider Forum on Data Centers and Cloud Services Infrastructure (East): Where the Rules of the Data Center Ecosphere Are Changing

The last several months the data center market has witnessed major deals from big players, new economic and regulatory policies, and the ongoing surge in the adoption of hybrid cloud services. [...]

Datacloud Europe 2017 Europe’s Biggest Cloud Event Returns to Monaco

Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, The use of cloud computing throughout Europe is rapidly growing, with estimates indicating market growth to €44.8 billion by 2020, five times that of 2013. [...]

EPI Chairman & CEO Edward van Leent Discusses Company Success, Shifts in the Data Center Industry and Participation in Data Center World

Q&A with Data Center POST’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu Edward van Leent, Chairman and CEO of EPI, recently spoke with Data Center POST about EPI’s upcoming participation at Data Center World April 3-6 in Los Angeles. [...]

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