Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Dan Ephraim

Dan Ephraim is a data center industry veteran and Principal at Infrastructure Market Associates, which provides strategic counsel on the data center industry’s usage of video, with a keen eye on trends, best practices and buying behavior.

COVID-19 has indefinitely impacted the ability for sales professionals to connect with prospects and clients as firms of all sizes encourage employees to avoid travel, in-person meetings, and events.  As data center companies spend less time engaging in-person with influencers, stakeholders, executive sponsors, partners, brokers, and decision makers, platforms like YouTube should be leveraged to mitigate this shift in buying behavior.

According to Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, people pay in excess of 2x more attention, equating to higher retention rates, to YouTube videos than they do on other social media. In addition, according to Animoto’s 2020 Consumer Insights Survey, Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X rated YouTube as the platform where they make purchase decisions, with 60% of Gen Xers preferring video when learning about a new brand or product.

In spite of the evolving nature of how people are making decisions, data center providers consistently place more emphasis on LinkedIn and Facebook for lead generation investments.

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