Originally posted to Data Center Frontier

Timothy Miscovich, Chief Commercial Officer at WTEC, walks readers through a series of strategies for effective data center management at distributed computing continues to make an impact on the data and colocation business. 

More than ever before, we see the impacts of distributed computing. More remote users, more applications and services being access offsite, and even more reliance on modern digital infrastructure systems are all factors pushing us closer to the edge of compute.

A significant part of this distributing comping overhaul is supported by both core and edge data center facilities. It’s the latter that helps people connect, experience less latency, and be even more productive. Remote data centers and edge computing have become massive investments to help more businesses and people connect.

How big will this market become? According to the new IDC Edge Spending Guide, the worldwide edge computing market will reach $25.6 billion in 2024. In speaking with numerous data center and technology leaders, one of their challenges revolves around managing all of these remote systems. It’s not as much the rack and server management as it is the lights, HVAC systems, and other supporting solutions. The biggest headache? Too many devices, too many IP addresses, and too much management complexity. So, many leaders fall into simple automation that doesn’t solve the root of the problem. That is the practical and intelligent management of smarter devices. So, if your device has ‘smart’ capabilities, why limit visibility

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