Originally posted to the Independent Data Center Alliance

In a world defined by evolving technologies and growing IT demand, consuming data center services hasn’t just become more important for organizations, it’s also become a bit more complex. Finding the right data center provider for unique needs, current business goals and long-term growth can be a tricky task to accomplish. Solutions are diversifying, geographic priorities are shifting due to edge and IoT applications and businesses need simple advice to help them understand who they should trust with their data.

To provide a helpful resource to data center buyers, the Independent Data Center Alliance, a consortium of global independent data center operators, offered a webinar titled Evaluating Data Centers: When to Choose a REIT, Metro, Regional or Edge Operator Provider. This session featured data center experts Spiros Liolis of DatacentreSpeak; Tom Brown, CEO of DataGryd; Bruce Garrison, CRO of Bluebird Network and Bluebird Underground Data Center; and Ed Henigin, CTO of Data Foundry. The discussion delivered a wealth of advice, insightful perspectives and discussions about navigating data center buying decisions and evaluation tactics.

Liolis launched the discussion by underscoring how important it is that C-suite individuals, facility managers and more know how to evaluate data centers for their mission-critical data and applications. Data center providers themselves have a good perspective on this, as they need to have their fingers on the pulse of evolving trends, customer demands and market-specific requirements.

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