Vapor IO Targets Telecom Towers for Edge Computing

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller, As new technologies drive the need for edge computing, where will this distributed compute and storage infrastructure reside? [...]

Capacity North America Spotlight: Samer Bishay, Iristel CEO & President, Discusses Telecommunications Industry

Data Center POST recently had the opportunity to speak with Samer Bishay, CEO and President of Iristel at Capacity North America, which took place October 5-6 in Toronto. In our Q&A with Mr. Bishay, we discussed [...]

Emerging vRAN Architecture Drives Demand for High- Capacity Fiber Optic Fronthaul

According to Cisco’s® Visual Networking Index (VNI), global mobile data traffic will increase 10-fold between 2014 and 2019, with traffic from wireless and mobile devices exceeding traffic from wired devices by 2016. With the rapid growth [...]

A2P SMS Messaging Gains Momentum as Companies Seek New Ways to Communicate with End-Users

A2P SMS Messaging – Joanna Styczen, spokesperson for iMPR, says:  Application-to-mobile messaging has seen rapid growth over the past five years, with Juniper Research predicting the technology to overtake person-to-person messaging by 2018, being worth more than $60B.  Ovum [...]

Avoiding Treasure Hunting in Your Data Center – RFID

  – John Consoli, Asset Vue, says: RFID With proper processes and some simple technology, like RFID tagging, data center managers and IT professionals can account for and locate every asset inside their data centers. Here [...]

5 Wi-Fi Products Introduced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show – Annie Davis, freelance writer from New Jersey, says: The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show naturally came ready with a veritable treasure trove of high-tech gadgets, toys, and electronics for both the everyday consumer and [...]

NEDAS In-Building Wireless Conference Co-Locates with Informa

In-building Wireless – Amy Sesol, Event Producer, iMiller Public Relations, says: The mounting numbers of wireless subscribers and expanding coverage demands have put a strain on existing cellular networks.  Rising demand for wireless service has been a [...]

Base station’s ‘headlights,’ often neglected factor

– Bo Jonsson,  Senior RF expert at CellMax Technologies, says: We have had antennas since the days of Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian scientist who invented the radio a little over 100 years ago. So by now [...]

Purchase Mobile Computers – Don’t Lose Productivity

– Jerker Hellström, CEO of Handheld Group, says: Higher productivity, increased labor costs and a strong trends towards true mobility in the work place are all factors that have put the spotlight firmly on ‘total costs [...]

Fixed-Mobile Divergence Is Here To Stay

– Torbjorn Sandberg, CEO, Netadmin Systems, says: Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC), described as a trend towards seamless connectivity between fixed and wireless telecommunications networks, has come to an end. Yes, rest assured that some major players will [...]

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