NEDAS, a grassroots association located at the intersection of wireline and wireless with a goal of improving communications infrastructure to the edge for buildings, municipalities, public safety, enterprise and more, recently announced its 2020 Advisory Council. Comprised of 16 industry luminaries, the Advisory Council will guide and advise NEDAS on its mission to facilitate education and collaboration in support of a ubiquitously connected world. The Council’s duties will include identifying topics of interest and optimizing NEDAS’s yearly events to encourage greater networking, education and growth potential for participants.

In 2020, the NEDAS Advisory Council features industry insiders the likes of: Carrie Charles, President of Broadstaff and an experienced business and career coach, entrepreneur and speaker, and Andy Penley, VP of Wireless Solutions at ZenFi Networks and an individual with extensive experience in telecommunications, including 3G, LTE, 4G, antennas and more. To view the comprehensive list, please view the press release in its entirety here

The Council is led by NEDAS co-chairs Ilissa Miller, CEO of iMiller Public Relations, Co-Founder of the Independent Data Center Alliance and President of NEDAS; and Steve Yapsuga, Director of Sales for the Eastern U.S. at Comba Telecom. The association also recently welcomed Lou Traiforos as its new Vice President of Business Development. Lou brings more than thirty years of telecom, marketing and recruiting experience to his role and has demonstrated success driving multimillion dollar revenue growth for his clients across a variety of practices. 

“We are honored to welcome new additions to the NEDAS Advisory Council for 2020, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to work with such a caliber of executives, all of whom helped shape NEDAS into the source of progress and innovation that it is regarded as today,” comments Ilissa Miller, President of NEDAS. “Advisory Council members are integral to the continued success of NEDAS, and each and every participant plays a pivotal role in ensuring that we can facilitate the connectivity of tomorrow by promoting collaboration across the communications ecosystem today.”

“Bringing a vast array of insightful and vital knowledge to the table, this group will underscore and enhance NEDAS’s value for members, as well as optimize its focus on and delivery of healthy debate, productive conversation and networking at the intersection of wireless and wireline,” states Steve Yapsuga, Co-Chair of NEDAS and its Advisory Council. “By supporting and guiding the association’s programs and events, each member of this year’s Advisory Council will drive innovation and collective success across the world of communications.”

NEDAS hosts four annual events and four industry webinars every year, and the community is updated bi-weekly via the NEDAS newsletter, which features industry news and events and provides access to resources to ensure subscribers stay up to date on the industry. NEDAS’s most recent event was the NEDAS D.C. Symposium, which took place on November 21, 2019. To view the list of events for 2020, please click here

NEDAS is funded and supported through its annual and event sponsorships. To learn more about the benefits of NEDAS sponsorship, please click here. NEDAS events are managed and organized in partnership with iMiller Public Relations. For more information about NEDAS, please visit 

Individuals interested in the NEDAS community or in any NEDAS events are welcome to contact to learn how to get involved.