New York City is home to one of the largest business and technology markets in the world. The prospect of being connected to potential customers has led to business demanding for telecommunications infrastructure growth to reach each other in crucial moments. However, this has left some NYC neighborhoods behind, with development focussed to dense business hubs. Many underserved communities lack access to wireless connectivity in their everyday lives and struggle to keep up with the technological boom surrounding them. Link5G, a collaborative initiative between Comptek Technologies, ZenFi Networks, and CityBridge, is promising free, public 5G connectivity through its recently unveiled kiosks in NYC.

Comptek, an Aero Wireless Group company, brings 20 years of experience in creating telecommunications infrastructure to design and manufacture smart poles, an innovative technology, to design the Link5G kiosks to support critical connectivity. CityPole, Comptek’s smart pole – used in such small cell deployments – allows for simple installation and easy upgrade access to ensure that as wireless technology continues to advance, these communities will continue to receive support. To blend the poles with the aesthetics of New York City’s  landscape, Comptek also creates unique concealment shrouds, which both protect the technology inside and meet the visual appeal of each location. 

Comptek was drawn to this project by the prospect of helping to close the digital divide, a phenomenon in which communities can be divided by their abilities, or inabilities, to access the internet, a mission shared by all involved. This effort builds from the foundation provided by LinkNYC, the communications network providing free WiFi and phone call capabilities to NYC users. When the current phase is completed, Link5G will have constructed kiosks throughout the five boroughs to not only speed up 5G development in the largest business market in the world, but enable internet accessibly for all residents.

To learn more about Comptek’s role in Link5G, view the Press Release here.

For more information about Comptek Technologies, visit their website here.