Founded in 2001 by Aaron Kingstrom, Front Range Wireless was formed in Centennial, Colorado as a telecommunications infrastructure services provider company. Front Range Wireless’s core executive and leadership team has a combined 120 years of leading industry experience and is comprised of qualified technicians that are highly professional and dependable while focused on the company’s philosophy: to understand their clients’ goals and needs and to create an optimum plan accordingly. 

Recently announced, Melissa Acosta, a wireless industry executive, has acquired a majority stake in the company. This acquisition fuels Melissa’s passion for improving the company’s communications infrastructure and digital infrastructure for all. Melissa is a seasoned telecommunications expert with 20 years of experience in the industry.

She was most recently the Executive Vice President of Business Development for Qualtek Wireless. She now has joined the Front Range Wireless team to initiate the purchase process and to integrate as a new leader within the company. Melissa began her career in telecommunications in 2002 and has a diverse background in the telecom field. Melissa is ready to both inspire and lead Front Range Wireless to the next level. 

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