Thanks to a swell in data usage in the last few years, the United States telecommunications industry is seeing a period of strong growth, leading many of the top wireless carriers to recognize the need for faster deployment to meet such demands. However, the increasing demand for materials is creating a strain on the looming supply chain, causing a variety of shortages from tampons to subsea fiber. These companies require both dependable equipment manufacturers and rapid installation to meet their needs. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind design and fast deployment, Comptek Technologies’ smart poles are bringing the next generation of wireless connectivity to cities with dependable deployment. 

With over 20 years of telecom tower experience, Comptek, owned by Aero Wireless, has been chosen as the steel pole supplier of a top wireless carrier to deploy across several Southern California cities. When implemented, Comptek’s smart poles will be used for small cell deployments in these cities, alongside specialized shrouds to shape their appearances to match each cities’ atmosphere and protect the equipment inside. Comptek can fulfill orders in 8-10 weeks, with set up, repairs, and future upgrades made simple thanks to its unique modular system. Enhancements and expansions to Comptek’s deployments will include ready-made C-Band technology, expected to be integrated during 2022 for the carrier, and 5G capabilities. 

Comptek is one of the first US companies to enter the small cell pole market, giving it an edge in deployment expertise. The company’s past partnerships with major operators, such as Verizon and AT&T, demonstrate its capability to build the future of wireless infrastructure, especially in major cities, and support expanding wireless connectivity in urban areas. But in today’s ever-changing telecommunications landscape, companies must think beyond the end goal to prepare for new challenges. With worldwide supply chain struggles, a dependable distribution and supply network means that Comptek thinks globally when planning locally. It has carefully crafted a network of knowledgeable and, most importantly, reliable material providers to ensure its time to market is above current standards.

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