Category: Flooring

Why I Like Raised Floors

– Ken Koty, sales engineer for PDU Cables and former data center facilities manager for Thomsen Reuters, says:When I’m talking with people about data centers, the discussions cover a wide range of topics.  One topic that...

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Should Your Floor Be Raised?

– Robert Neave is a Co-founder and Vice President of Sustainable IT Initiatives at nlyte Software ( are we hearing more about raised floors not being used in thedata center? There has always been an issue...

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Data Center Flooring

– Bob Cogan, managing partner at Pro Access Floors (, says: What maintenance and/or cleaning needs to be done on data center flooring and flooring accessories? First and foremost is to determine the...

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Common Data Center Flooring Issues

– Tom Turner, product manager of grounding and bonding and power connectors at PANDUIT (, says:Many data centers have loose busbar connectors. One reason that they loosen has to do with how the grounding...

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