Bob Cogan, managing partner at Pro Access Floors (, says:

What maintenance and/or cleaning needs to be done on data center flooring and flooring accessories?

First and foremost is to determine the contamination level in the equipment room or data center to see if it meets Federal Standard 209e. This is done for air quality particulate testing, with special metering devices to monitor the .5 and 5 micron particle sizes per the above 209e standard.

Other ranges can be tested, as required. This report is given before and again after the cleaning process for comparison of before and after results. NOTE: Some sites to forego this step and go directly to the cleaning process.

What’s the best way to do it?

With a contract by experts who are cognizant of the direct cause and effect relationship between contamination and the different hardware failures. Too often many MIS professionals do not perceive the danger in contamination, especially those cases in which it is not visible to the naked eye. Until it is too late and a disaster occurs!

What should you look for when finding a professional to perform the maintenance for you?

Use a professional who:

1)Can provide references and has been in this niche business for at least 5 years and licensed in their home state.

2) Uses employees who are on their payroll and have been trained to work around operating computer equipment, comply with drug free work policy, who have cleared the police and terrorist watch list.

3) Can provide documentation of complete insurance coverage for General Liability, Excess Liability and Workmen’s Compensation.

4) Can comply with all Federal, State & Company safety regulations and have passed OSHA/HAZCOM compliance program.