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Will Virtual Reality Make On-Site Data Center Tours Obsolete?

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier, by Voices of the Industry In this week’s Voices of the Industry, James Leach, Vice President of Marketing at RagingWire, looks at the impact virtual reality may have on traditional [...]

Executive Insights: Joel Stone of RagingWire

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier The Data Center Frontier Executive Roundtable features insights from industry executives with lengthy experience in the data center industry. Here’s a look at the insights from Joel Stone of RagingWire [...]

Host in Ireland Adds IT Industry Leader to Its Advisory Council

The global telecommunications industry now recognizes Ireland as a top location in Europe to host digital assets. This can be attributed to the tireless work of Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to raise [...]

PTC’17 to Explore Changing Realities in Telecom

Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, Telecommunications providers today must navigate an ever-shifting sea of customer demands, economic conditions and regulatory policies. Survival is impossible without a thorough understanding of the major changes that are happening across the [...]

Collaborating to Create a More Agile Network Architecture

Telecommunications providers are challenged to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver content, connectivity and data-intensive services to customers. Yet, many lack the necessary infrastructure to keep up with heavy demands. [...]

Best and Brightest of the Third Network Community

Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, The Third Network, built on the capabilities of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) and the ubiquity of the internet, is the name to remember in telecommunications. These standards and capabilities enable carriers, [...]

Reduce Costs, Not Performance in Your Data Center

Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, Your company is facing a tough challenge. In today’s digitized economy, virtually every business process, from email to billing, runs through a data center. So your company needs access to high-quality IT [...]

Abilita Expands to NYC

By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu, [...]


Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, TELEHOUSE announced this week that CloudFlare will join its Los Angeles and New York International Internet Exchanges (NYIIX and LAIIX). [...]

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