In a significant move to broaden its service offerings and provide comprehensive solutions to its clients, Competitive Telecoms Group, Inc. (CTG) has announced a strategic relationship with Sequential Tech, a prominent global provider of outsourced customer solutions. With over two decades of expertise in contingency fee recruitment and consultancy services, CTG aims to leverage this partnership to cater to a broader spectrum of outsourced needs within the telecommunications, technology, and data center industries.

CTG, recognized as a leader in contingency fee recruitment, management restructuring, operational enhancements, and sales and marketing consultancy, is taking its commitment to clients to the next level. The collaboration with Sequential Tech opens doors to a myriad of outsourced services, providing a holistic approach to meet the evolving demands of the dynamic telecom and tech landscape.

Jerry DeMartino, CEO of CTG and industry veteran, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “I believe this is a natural addition to the core recruiting services we provide and a strong value add for our customers.” With over three thousand employees globally, Sequential Tech’s established presence and its impressive client roster make it an ideal partner for CTG’s expansion strategy.

Sequential Tech’s CEO, Alex Parker, emphasizes the synergy between the two companies, highlighting CTG’s extensive network and deep relationships as key assets aligning with Sequential’s growth strategy. The partnership aims to bring together the trust that CTG has built with its client base and the value proposition offered by Sequential Tech.

The collaboration with Sequential is part of CTG’s ongoing efforts to enhance placement services across all levels within the telecommunications, technology, and data center sectors. Building on the success of CTG’s Free Board placement initiative from the previous year, this partnership solidifies the company’s commitment to providing invaluable services to its clients.

Upcoming Events:

To showcase their combined capabilities and interact with potential clients, CTG and Sequential Tech will be present at several upcoming industry events. These include PTC in Honolulu, MetroConnect in Miami, Channel Partners in Las Vegas, ITW in National Harbor, and more. The events offer an opportunity for industry professionals to learn more about the enhanced solutions and services resulting from the CTG-Sequential collaboration.

Competitive Telecoms Group’s partnership with Sequential Tech signifies a significant milestone in the evolution of their services. By combining CTG’s recruitment and consultancy prowess with Sequential Tech’s outsourced customer solutions, the partnership is poised to deliver comprehensive, high-quality services to clients in the telecommunications, technology, and data center space. As the industry continues to evolve, this collaboration positions both companies at the forefront of meeting the diverse and growing needs of their clients.

To stay updated on their joint initiatives, visit or contact the main office at 1.914.248.5991.