The past few months have been busy for Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider and operator of two data centers and more than 11,000 miles of fiber. The company completed two new builds, which helped expand their network into Salina, Kansas and Waterloo, Iowa. In addition to these projects and a company acquisition, adding fiber assets in Southern Missouri, Bluebird will have built nearly 290 miles of new owned fiber, connected 441 new on-net buildings, and installed 1,386 access points in the past year.

Bluebird just recently announced the finalization of its 126-fiber-route-mile network build in Illinois. Bluebird will be delivering an expanded level of services to the region which will aid in taking a huge step forward for the company’s strategic vision.  

Bluebird’s fiber build in Illinois delivers robust Internet, data center and cloud connectivity services to consumers, businesses and organizations in the five communities of Aurora, Dixon, DeKalb, Sterling and Rock Falls. The new route also strengthens Bluebird’s already-ultra-reliable fiber network and provides a diverse route to Chicago.

By adding Chicago to its network, Bluebird can offer data center solutions to more customers in America’s third largest metro region while providing existing customers the ability to connect to some of the most important telecommunications hubs in the world.

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