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Leading with Distinction: Honoring a Legacy of Innovation and Customer Commitment

In the vibrant city of West Des Moines, IA, a story of unwavering commitment and innovative excellence is unfolding. Aureon, a leader in business connectivity, managed IT, consulting services, and contact center solutions, has recently been adorned with the prestigious titles of Best Technology Provider and Best Recruiting Firm in the Best of the West Awards. This recognition is not merely an accolade but a testament to Aureon’s dedication to delivering customer-centric, scalable, and reliable technology and communication solutions.

A Legacy of Innovation and Service

For over thirty years, Aureon, formerly known as INS, has been a beacon of innovation, adapting and evolving with the changing tides of technology and business needs. The company’s recent achievements in the Best of the West Awards mirror its continuous efforts to set new standards in the technology services sector, catering to businesses big and small.

Imagine a network that spans over 4,460 miles of wholly-owned and operated fiber optics throughout Iowa. This is the backbone of Aureon’s promise for best-in-class scalability, resiliency, and performance. But Aureon’s vision extends far beyond the borders of Iowa. Its scalable technology and communication solutions are designed to transcend geographical boundaries, promoting operational continuity and expansion for businesses everywhere. From advanced contact center solutions to comprehensive service offerings, Aureon is empowering businesses to leverage technological advancements for growth and success.

Transformative Beginnings and Ongoing Evolution

Aureon’s journey began as a key provider in telecommunications, particularly focusing on rural Iowa’s underserved areas. This commitment has expanded over the years, with Aureon broadening its services and reach beyond traditional telecommunications. A significant $60 million investment in Iowa’s network infrastructure, including fiber and equipment, underscores its commitment to innovation and service excellence. Today, Aureon stands as a diversified provider of comprehensive technology and network services, contact center solutions, and project management consulting, catering to the needs of businesses nearly anywhere.

The Best of the West Awards are not just a milestone for Aureon but a recognition of its pivotal role in the technology services industry. These awards celebrate the best in West Des Moines, resonating with Aureon’s vision of making the city a leading suburban hub in America. Aureon’s commitment to community involvement and empowering businesses to focus on their core functions reflects its steadfast dedication to enriching communities throughout the region.

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