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Why SaaS Users Must Play a Bigger Role in Protecting Their Apps and Data

Originally posted to CloudPost, By Dmitry Dontsov, CEO, Spinbackup, Enterprises, particularly SMBs, are no longer holding back wondering if they should move their critical data and apps to the cloud. [...]

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is a Cornerstone of the Cloud

Originally published to Cloud Post by Shea Long [...]

HostingCon Spotlight: Acronis CMO and SVP of Channel & Cloud Strategy, John Zanni, Discusses Latest Product, Acronis Notary

Data Center POST recently had the opportunity to speak with Chief Marketing Officer and Senior [...]

5 Technology Trends to Keep Your Data Secure

In the dynamic world of business, an important criterion is to protect your company’s data. With data breaches in the news almost daily, large corporations as well as small and mid-sized companies need to protect their [...]

HIPAA Compliance: Protecting Electronic Health Information

Download the full infographic here. [...]

Interview with Suchita Nagale, VP of information technology for Vision Solutions

By Suchita Nagale, Vice President of Information Technology for Vision Solutions On April 16, 2016, extended support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ends. As we become closer to the end-of-life, what are businesses risking by delaying migration? If a [...]

COLO-D Joins Console Data Centers Partner Program, Offering Direct Access to Console’s Services

The largest neutral colocation service provider in Eastern Canada, COLO-D, recently announced it has joined forces with enterprise software and interconnection leader Console.  COLO-D has entered into the Console Data Center Partner Program, and will now offer [...]

Nlyte Software First DCSM to Earn VerAfied Status

VerAfied Status Demonstrates Nlyte’s Commitment to Best Security Development Practices to Protect Critical Data Center Information Nlyte Software today announced that the company has earned VerAfied status for its data center service management (DCSM) solution, which [...]

Our Modern Workforce and Why Encryption Security Practices Can’t Keep Up

The way we work has changed significantly since businesses started using encryption products to secure their data.  Today, we’re working from everywhere, on multiple devices and we need our data to keep up with us, and [...]

Lighthouse eDiscovery Expands Services to European Market with Addition of Two UK-Based Data Centers

The amount of space and power consumed by European data centers is projected to grow by nearly 20% between now and 2020, with the United Kingdom being the largest single market in Europe, spurred by the [...]

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