Westridge Trading, LLC was looking for a new location to house their expanding number of servers. Through a referral, President Bill Johnson toured the Bluebird Quad Cities Data Center. With one tour, Johnson was ready to be a customer of Bluebird Network. As Westridge Trading servers increased, the power consumption also increased. Bluebird was able to provide cost savings through clean and reliable power. 

The Bluebird Quad Cities Data Center high security was top notch. Johnson said I’m very pleased about the physical security of the building. Biometric scans, ID approvals and badging to get anywhere inside, and the gated loading areas are huge advantages. The security is like Fort Knox in there.” The firewalls that Bluebird employs and how they configure and monitor the equipment they’re taking care of is impressive. In addition to Bluebird’s high security, the reliability of Bluebird services rose above any other data center they have worked with in the past. Johnson has already begun to refer colleagues to check out Bluebird Network and their data center operations. 

Bluebird is dedicated to continuing to build their reputation of impressive customer service and high-quality services. Bluebird plans to continue providing customers with white glove services in order to optimize their business operations. 

To learn more about Bluebird Network, please visit: www.bluebirdnetwork.com.